LEGALSPES is a specialist legal company that offer legal services to businesses that are understandable, affordable and the most effective in their specific industry.

We consist out of a team of lawyers and consultants who have obtained specialised qualifications and many years of relevant practical work experience in their respective fields all over South Africa. This means that any decision affecting you or your business no matter how big or small is made in consultation with a team of specialists in order to assure the best legal solution through the use of modern technology and innovative thinking.

We take care of every legal need and time consuming matter that you may incur in this regard so that you can focus on your vision and your business helping you to grow and achieve your dreams.

LEGALSPES also provides you with a constantly updated list of specialists in every industry that you as a member of our company may phone 24 hours a day for free advise as and when you need it. This list consists of a hand-picked team of individuals who have over time proved that their experties and ethical standards can be relied upon.

There are instances where using a firm of attorneys is necessary because the law prescribes it, for example when embarking upon litigation. Most legal issues that occur in day-to-day business are easily and effectively handled by our consulting specialists. In exceptional circumstances where litigation is required you will be advised of such and the attorneys of our team will assist you.


Through leadership, knowledge and partnering with all the major stakeholders, this business will promote economic activity and harmony in the SOUTH AFRICAN CORPORATE environment. With verosity, energy and dedicated service we will set relationships at all levels. This will bring prosperity to all our stakeholders in the prospective field.

We strive to provide the most professional service and help each of our members to become the successful company they deserve to be.



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